CC #366: Week of November 17, 2013

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Griphook: ‘Hmm… I think I’ll have the steak, raw. Does that come with roots or worms?’

Harry: I need to get into Gringotts. Into one of the vaults.
Griphook: That’s easy.
Harry: I also need to be able to leave the vault afterwards.
Griphook: Okay, that’s more difficult.

Griphook: ‘I see you’ve come to change the bedpan. Good thing there’s three of you, because I ate rather a lot of prunes and asparagus yesterday.’

Harry: Professor Flitwick?
Flitwick: Hello, Students! You’ve missed approximately 7 months of school at this point, so I’ve come to bring you your homework.

Harry: ‘Look, I’m sorry I called you ”shorty.” Can we move past this now?’

Griphook: I’ve been expecting you!
Harry: Hi, we’ve come to talk to you about-
Griphook: -Yes, yes I know, it’s my nose, isn’t it. Is it bothering you?
Harry: Well, actually, we-
Griphook: -I knew it!

Griphook sits, annoyed, as the only pajamas he can wear came from Fleur’s Cabbage Patch Doll.

Griphook: Sorry, I won’t let you into Gringotts until Miss Granger tells her ‘Occupy Diagon Alley’ protesters to stand down.
Harry: Hermione, could you stop the demonstrations long enough for us to get the Horcrux?
Hermioen: But Harry, this is important!

Griphook was still inconsolable after his failed date with Bellatrix…
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Ron: *Looks at Griphook* Oi, Bill! When did you have a baby?
Bill: *From downstairs* A few weeks ago. He has that Benjamin Button disease.

Harry: You probably don’t remember –
Griphook: -My one scene in the entire series prior to this point? Yeah, I’d definitely forget that.

Griphook: ‘You come to me on the day of my daughter’s wedding to ask me for a favor?’
-Taylor W.

Griphook’s attempt to disguise himself as an armchair was not as successful.

Ron: *Whispering* Ask him how he feels about the Chudley Cannons. I can’t trust someone who doesn’t support the Cannons.

Harry: ‘You know, Griphook, it’s weird that you stare at the wall when the window is right there.’

Griphook: ‘I have a cunning plan. ‘Tis a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a Weasley.’

Griphook: You buried the elf…
Harry: Yes.
Griphook: And brought me here. You are… a very unusual wizard.
Harry: That’s nothing. I play guitar when everybody just wants to hang out, and I make weird covers of Disney songs.





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