13 Similarities between Harry Potter and King Arthur

Pendragon and Potter! How are they similar?

  1. Both trained under the eyes of a wise old wizard (Dumbledore; Merlin).
  2. Both were taken at a very young age to live with foster parents (Harry was taken to live with Aunt Petunia and her family; Arthur was raised by Sir Ector and his family).
  3. Each has two friends – a boy and a girl – who may have a thing for each other (Ron and Hermione; Sir Lancelot and Guinevere).
  4. Both were under death threats to prevent them from fulfilling their destiny (Harry’s life is frequently endangered by Lord Voldemort; people such as Lot of Orkney try to kill Arthur to prevent him from becoming king).
  5. Both pull a sword out of a place they shouldn’t have been able to (Harry pulls Godric Gryffindor’s sword out of the Sorting Hat; Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur out of the stone).
  6. Actor Richard Harris is in both movies (Dumbledore in Potter, King Arthur in Camelot).
  7. Each lives commonly, without knowledge of their special destiny from the past (Harry doesn’t know he’s a wizard until he’s eleven years old; Arthur doesn’t know he’s heir to the throne until he pulls the sword out of the stone).
  8. Once ‘aware’ of their destiny, each must begin rigorous training (Harry has to devote years of his life to learning spells at Hogwarts; Arthur has to go through academic schooling as well as training in the knightly arts).
  9. Their stories involve a special cup with magical properties (Goblet of Fire; Holy Grail).
  10. Both deal with bloodline prejudices. (Many people consider wizards and witches with Muggle family to have dirty blood, meaning they are on a lower rung of society; the royals don’t consider Arthur a king at first because they don’t believe he has royal blood.)
  11. Each has a special place that keeps them longing to go back (Harry wishes he was at Hogwarts when he’s spending the summer at the Dursleys’; Arthur longs to be back in Camelot when away on quests).


Submitted by: Nicole and Danielle

Eric S.

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