25 Similarities between “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings”

Because Harry can go there and back again, too…

  1. Evil sorcerer referred to as “Dark Lord” who desires to regain physical shape (Voldemort; Sauron)
  2. Wise old mentor with a long gray beard and a wizard hat (Dumbledore; Gandalf)
  3. A birthday sets off events (Harry’s 11th; Frodo’s 33rd and Bilbo’s 111th)
  4. Inherited invisibility device (Cloak; Ring – although the Ring takes you to a different ‘world’)
  5. Dog named Fang (owned by Hagrid; owned by Farmer Maggot)
  6. Evil, creepy hooded creatures (Dementors; Nazgul)
  7. Deceased parents (Harry’s parents were murdered; Frodo’s parents drowned)
  8. Taken to live with uncle (Harry lives with his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia; Frodo lives with his Uncle Bilbo in the film – his second cousin once removed in the book)
  9. Giant Spider (Aragog; Shelob)
  10. Bad guy with a “wormy” name (Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail; Grima Wormtongue)
  11. Longbottom (Neville Longbottom who excels at Herbology; Tobold Hornblower from Longbottom who knows much about herbs and pipe-weed)
  12. Fight with a troll (Harry, Ron and Hermione fight a troll on Halloween; The Fellowship of the Ring fight a troll)
  13. Dark forest (Forbidden Forest; old forest just outside of the Shire)
  14. “Elves” describing a race of people (House-elves act as servants; elves are a race of peoples from Middle Earth)
  15. Small, pitiable creature who talks in third-person (Dobby; Gollum)
  16. Holder of the keys (Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys; Hurin, Warden of the Keys)
  17. Mischievous pair (Fred and George Weasley; Merry and Pippin)
  18. Forbidden language (Saying “Voldemort”; Black Speech of Mordor)
  19. Dangerous willow tree (Whomping Willow; Old Man Willow)
  20. Basin of seeing (Pensieve; Galadriel’s Mirror)
  21. Powerful, life-saving swords (Godric Gryffindor’s sword; Anduril)
  22. Scar on forehead (Harry; Merry)
  23. Do not disturb water because of… (the giant squid; Watcher in the Water)
  24. Longed-for safe haven (during the summer Harry wishes he was back at Hogwarts; on their quest, the hobbits long to be back in the safety of the Shire.)
  25. Scar from Evil forces (Harry’s scar on forehead; Frodo’s scar from the Morgul Blade)


Submitted by: Joshua, Oriey, Nancy, Maddy, SnowRose, Odile, and Bria

Eric S.

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