Waterstones parodies Amazon’s new drone delivery service, announces OWLS post!

Many Muggles may have been intrigued when they heard about Amazon’s new droid delivery system, which hopes to launch in the next few years and aims to get customers their orders within 30 minutes or less, but Waterstones, a British bookseller, has an announcement that may appeal to the more wizardly-inclined population – books delivered by owls!

In the hilarious video above, the bookstore spoofs Amazon’s media frenzy as their press manager discusses how the new OWLS (Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service) system will work. In addition, the retailer has also included a FAQ section on their blog, in which they freely acknowledge their Potter inspiration.

Q. Isn’t this just what they did in Harry Potter?

A: Yes, this is exactly what they did in Harry Potter. You’re asking that as if this is a bad thing.

Be sure to check out the blog to read the rest of the questions – and the comments section, which is shaping up to be pretty amusing as well.

Jessica J.

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