Expelliarmus! Hogwarts fans lay into Russell Brand over his ‘Harry Potter poofs’ jibe at Cambridge University

By Charlie Scott | Cambridge News

The storm surrounding Russell Brand’s Harry Potter jibe continues to darken, as fans of the lightning-scarred boy wizard join equality rights campaigners in condemning his comment.

The president of Cambridge University’s LGBT student society demanded an apology from Brand after the controversial comedian joked “shut up you Harry Potter poofs” to students at the Cambridge Union Society on Monday evening.

And now Brand has drawn the wrath of an army of Potter aficionados.

MuggleNet.com, which attracts up to 14 million people each year and reaches 204 countries around the world, has told the News “it is time for humour of this nature to be banished.”

During his appearance at the Cambridge Union Society, Brand singled out different college crests on the walls of the debating chamber, and when students cheered he told them: “Shut up you Harry Potter poofs.”Kat Miller, marketing and creative director at MuggleNet.com, lamented the comedian’s words, but said it was the “sort of behaviour we have come to expect from Brand”.

She went on: “He is, in general, an offensive comedian who uses slurs to try and get a laugh. That’s never funny, in my opinion.

“Also it’s clear from his comments that he hasn’t read the Harry Potter novels, because if he had, he would realize that they’re about love, friendship, and bravery – qualities which he clearly knows nothing about, if you judge his comments to be true.

“It’s time for humour of this nature to be banished, or saved for private quarters. It’s 2014. Let’s show some compassion towards others and work towards equality.”

Eric Scull, a MuggleNet senior contributing editor, added: “The Harry Potter fan community is among the very most diverse fan communities out there.

“People, young and old, from all walks of life and of all gender orientations find real magic in the story of the boy wizard and his friends.”

Potter v Brand – how they measure up


  • Schooling – Hogwarts
  • Magic powers – He can do spells, ride broomsticks and has an unerring ability to love
  • Career high point – Defeating the Dark Lord
  • Career low point – Standing helpless as Professor Dumbledore was killed in front of him
  • Weapon of choice – His 11-inch wand made of holly, with a phoenix feather core


  • Schooling – Italian Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
  • Magic powers – His control of the English language, observational humour and, um, way with women
  • Career high point – His celebrity memoirs, Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal, has received rave reviews
  • Career low point – When he and Jonathon Ross left lewd voicemails for Andrew Sachs in 2008 as part of his radio show
  • Weapon of choice – Don’t go there.