CC #379: Week of February 16, 2014

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Ron: Hey, how did you get inside that picture with Ariana?
Neville: Come on, let’s go defeat Voldemort!
Ron: No, first you explain how to go inside pictures! I want to go inside pictures!

‘Know what this sweater is made of? Hero material.’

Neville: Hey, Ab. What do you need?
Aberforth: Please escort Mr. Weasley to the dungeon. He said sheep are better than goats.

The part of the movie where the fangirls started paying attention.

‘Do you know why he can sit comfortably on his haunches like that? Well… they don’t call him long-bottom for nothing.’

Harry: ‘Neville, you’re alive?! *mutters* so much for voodoo…’

Neville: Just so you know, all that stuff we did while you were away is better than the real plot.
Harry: You don’t have to rub it in…

Neville: ‘They say you are what you eat. I don’t recall eating a sexy beast this morning…’

Neville: ‘You should see the other guy.’

Neville: So, have you heard anything from Harry, Ron, or Hermione?
Aberforth: Still lost in the forest, as far as I know.
Neville: Darn it, if only I could find a way to tell them I’ve already destroyed all the Horcruxes!
Aberforth: I know. But how could we ask any more of you after you’ve defeated Voldemort, rebuilt Hogwarts out of solid gold, and cured cancer?
Neville: Still, that’s my only failure and it haunts me. Oh well, I better get back. Being Minister for Magic is a big responsibility, you know!

Neville: ‘HERMIONE, YOU’RE SAFE! Oh, Harry, Ron, I didn’t see you there.’

Neville: You have no idea how terrible Death Eater rule of Hogwarts is!
Harry: Well, I can see they force you to wear awful sweaters…
Neville: …actually, this is just my sweater.





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