Fan Focus: Natalie – February 9, 2014

This is a photo of Natalie, a fan of the week.

20-year-old Hufflepuff Natalie from the United States


How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I literally grew up with Harry Potter. I became a Harry Potter fan simply because my older brother was a fan. He owned the first four books, and I remember him getting the first movie on DVD when I was 8. My family watched it together, and we all became pretty obsessed with Harry Potter! I decided to read the first four books, and waited anxiously for the rest of the books to be released. My family always went together to see the new films the first day they were playing in the theater.

Describe what being part of the Harry Potter fandom has meant to you in seven words or less.

It’s the inspiration for reaching my dreams.

What would your Patronus be and why?

A polar bear because it is my favorite animal. Also, I think a polar bear would be able to defeat a Dementor fairly easily.

What do you think you might see if given the chance to look into the Mirror of Erised?

I would see myself as a successful musician and writer in the Wizarding World!