Matthew Lewis speaks with “Gloucestershire Echo” about “Bluestone 42”

Fans of Matt Lewis will be able to catch him on BBC Three’s Bluestone 42, in which he plays soldier Gordon House, starting February 27, but in the meantime the actor has spoken to the Gloucestershire Echo about his role in the comedy.

He begins by telling readers a bit about his character Gordon, which was introduced during the show’s Christmas special:

He’s the best of the best and came top in all his classes, but when he arrived in Afghanistan he was very green and thought he knew a lot more than he actually did. He didn’t get on with Medhurst initially; there was a bit of friction between them. Gordon’s a lad and loves getting stuck in with the banter – especially giving Medhurst stick for being a posh public schoolboy, but then he did a lot of growing up in that half-hour special.

He goes on to speak about bonding with his castmates, his Potter fame, and more, ending by remarking on how much he’s enjoying his latest project.

On Bluestone 42, you’re doing different stuff every day. We’re blowing stuff up, playing around with rifles, and it’s beautiful sunshine, so if I ever complain about a job like this then someone kill me immediately!

Be sure to read the full interview here, and thanks to for the tip!

Jessica J.

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