CC #381: Week of March 2, 2014

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Dobby: ‘Harry Potter and his friends must not get angry. Dobby Transfigured them only to extend their franchise…’

Dobby had planned to gather more allies before the Great Fandom War.

Katniss: Who are you?
Dobby: I entered the Hunger Games 60 years ago and the officials forgot about me.

Dobby: You shall not harm Harry Potter!
Katniss: We’re not doing anything to harm Harry Potter!
Dobby: Dobby is talking about the franchise. You are stealing too many of its fans. Dobby will have to kill you all now.

Finnick: Waste not, want not.
Katniss: You’re right. Now we have food.

Dobby: Dobby thought his first arena was enough to keep masters from going back to the Capitol…
Katniss: You mean that was your idea?!
Dobby: Dobby had to protect Miss Everdeen and her friends. BAD things are happening here, bad, bad things.
Katniss: What kind of things?!
Dobby: Dobby… cannot… say… *beats his head*

Dobby: Dobby is here on a mission for Hogwarts kitchens. The Hogwarts kitchens are all out of bread and Dobby was hoping he could get some from Peeta Mellark.
Peeta: Uh… I’m kind of in the middle of something.

Katniss: Dobby. Can you get us out of here?
Dobby: No. You are three of the main characters. You’ll be fine. *Vanishes*

Dobby: ‘I bid 400 quatloos on the newcomer.’

‘Dobby did not mean to kill Mags. Only to maim, or seriously injure…’

Josh: ‘Hey look, guys! Someone who’s even smaller than me!’

By the year 2093, the Hogwarts uniform had been drastically changed, but the use of House-Elf labor continued.

Peeta: We have weapons. How will you survive?
Dobby: I have Magic. Watch. *Pulls something out of the pillowcase* Is this your card?
Peter: Whoa.

Katniss: Dobby! You can Apparate in and out of the arena?
Dobby: Of course! Do you wnat me to save you now, before Peeta is captured?

And so, in the year 2024, the Diagon Alley park at Universal Studios was replaced with a new Hunger Games park, with only a House-Elf statue left behind to commemorate the old attraction.
Harry Potter Fan: I can’t believe they’d tear down an attraction dedicated to an old franchise just because a newer franchise came along!
Jaws Fan: Ahem!

Finnick: ‘I’ve been coming to these Games for ten years now, but a House-Elf is the weirdest sponsor gift I’ve ever seen parachuted into the arena.’

Dobby: ‘Welcome to the Antique Roadshow. I see you brought weapons. They are unique and I can tell you they can be sold for a staggering $200 each. But at Comic Con, they will go for three times that much.’

With 12:00 came an abundance of House-Elves.

Katniss: *Looking up, towards the sky/camera* ‘Haymitch, I said, ”These trees are knobby.” Not, ”We need Dobby”!’





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