CC #384: Week of March 23, 2014

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Mr. Weasley: Something wrong, Harry?
Harry: It’s nothing. I don’t hate Doctor Who or anything, but I was really hoping for a DeLorean.

Mr. Weasley: ‘I’m afraid I haven’t been entirely honest with you, Harry. The Ministry of Magic isn’t so much underground as it is bigger on the inside…’

Arthur: Here we are, Harry. Welcome to The Burrow!
Harry: You live in a blue box?
Arthur: It’s not much, but it’s home.

Harry: ‘After dealing with Death Eaters, this’ll be easy. After all, Death Eaters can climb stairs!’

Once inside the TARDIS…
ArthurWeasley/The Doctor: Go on, say it. Everybody says it.
Harry: Ummm… This explains your obsession with everything Muggle?
Arthur Weasley/The Doctor: You’re supposed to say it’s “bigger on the inside!”
Harry: So? You’ve got a tent like that.
Arthur Weasley/The Doctor: Did I mention it travels in time as well?
Harry: Hermione’s got a time machine you can wear around your neck.
-John Smith

Harry: ‘Ah! You’ve redecorated! …I don’t like it.’

Harry: Mr. Weasley… do you see that?
The Doctor: Perception filter, Harry… only Horcruxes and Time Lords can see it now…’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Arthur did everything he could to get Harry to the hearing in time. Unfortunately, it was all for naught. Arthur’s nemesis, the Existential Maid, brought in a ringer: Voldemort, who fooled everyone but Harry and Arthur by wearing a poor-fitting blonde wig. His fake testimony convinced the world that Harry lied about the Dark Lord’s return, as the media claimed. Naturally, with more and more Time Lords getting involved at every plot twist, it got worse.

Mr. Weasley: ‘I was thinking of taking you back in time to the Cold War, but it looks like Putin has already taken us there…’

A funny thing happened on the way to Harry Potter’s hearing.
-The Impossible Girl

Mr. Weasley insisted on stopping part way through their errands when he spotted a perfect opportunity for Harry to teach him how to use a ‘fellytone.’

Mr. Wealsey: ‘I’m going back to when fedoras were actually fashionable.’

Harry: Mr. Weasley, where did you get this thing?
Arthur: I got it from Barty Crouch Jr. Poor chap. Strange things happen to wizards who meddle with time, Harry.

Mr. Weasley: ‘Harry! Come on, let’s go! There’s a fascinating wizard who is operating the Muggle entrance; he’s seems nice, but I think he’s a bit confused. He keeps calling me Pond and telling me to come along.’
-The Impossible Girl

Harry: So now we can go back in time and save my parents… right?!
Mr. Weasley: Fixed point in time, Harry… we can go save a random hippogriff though!
-The Doctor’s Daughter





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