Emma Thompson discusses “The Love Punch” in new interview

We posted a trailer of Emma Thompson’s upcoming comedy The Love Punch last week, and now we’ve got a new interview with Emma and her co-star Celia Imrie. The pair discuss what makes their film special, potential sequel plot lines, and more!

Thompson says of why The Love Punch stands out among films today,

A friend of mine – who is a great producer- is doing some work with a physcologist at the moment about why we don’t make movies that are designed to make us happy from the moment we start watching them till the end. We used to make movies like that a lot […] there’s a great tradition in our culture of writing things that are designed to be uplifting […] You don’t have to go on some journey, and you don’t have to be taught anything. I get the feeling a lot of the time that I’m being taught something, and after a while I go, ‘Yes, but I knew that. I knew that. I would like you to entertain me. That is what I’m paying my money for.

Watch the full interview below:

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