Natalia Tena talks “Game of Thrones” at C2E2!

Natalia Tena, who has had the enviable opportunity to work on both Harry Potter and the television adaptation of Game of Thrones (another beloved book series!), visited the C2E2 convention this past weekend and shared a few of her thoughts on filming Game of Thrones.

Tena plays the character of Osha, a wilding currently in the service of House Stark, and took time to comment on what it’s like to wear such a bedraggled ensemble while filming.

[My costume’s] very special. It’s basically a bag with bits of dead animal on it… and that’s about it! I love my costume because in a way you don’t have to worry about looking pretty ever. I can just walk in looking rough and throw some mud on my face… and I wear a bag! It’s great because you can concentrate on the acting.

In what was sure to be a crowd pleaser, Tena and fellow Game of Thrones cast member Kristian Nairn were asked whom they wished would end up on the Iron Throne and which other character they’d love the chance to play. Natalia voiced her support for “Brienne” for the throne, while admitting that she’d love the chance to play Melisandre. Tena also revealed to fans that she is a big fan of comics, especially Hellboy and Transmetropolitan.

It’s rare that an actor gets to be a part of two franchises with such huge fandom followings, and it’s always interesting to hear Tena’s thoughts on her work. You can check out some of her thoughts on Season 4 of the show here.

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Did you read the books? More importantly – do you think Harry Potter would have fared better as a television series? Let us know your thoughts!

Jessica J.

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