“Alohomora!” Episode 82: “Two-Way Harry” – now available!

MuggleNet’s global book club Alohomora! continues its reread of the Harry Potter series by discussing Chapter 5 of Order of the Phoenix, “The Order of the Phoenix.” Join hosts Kat, Eric, and Caleb and special guest host Marissa Reynolds of Hogwarts Radio as they learn more about this secret organization and discover Voldemort’s latest moves:

On Episode 82 we discuss…

→ Episode 81 Recap: Letters from best friends, Hermione’s safety, who trusts Snape more?
→ PQotW responses
→ Who’s been victimized by Regina George Albus Dumbledore?
→ Does Harry or Sirius have it worse?
→ Molly and Sirius face off
→ Dumbledore’s public fall
Question of the Week
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