Fan Focus: Annie – June 15, 2014


Age 16 – Wales

How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I don’t think I can remember when I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan, to be honest – my dad read me the stories when I was little, and as more started coming out, I started reading more. I completely idolized Hermione, which I think helped me through my GCSEs, to tell the truth!

What would your patronus be and why?

Oh, a dragon, definitely. If I’m going to have a protective shield creature, why not go the whole hog and have a mythological protective shield creature? I’d call it Saphira and use it roast marshmallows…

What Potter fandom memory would you keep in your Pensieve?

The moment I read the very last page of Deathly Hallows. I think I cried, then went on a mad fanfiction rampage about all their children.

If you could have one prop from the set of the films, which would it be?

Tom Felton