More details emerge about Tom Felton’s “Murder in the First”

Earlier this week, Tom Felton shared a few details about his character Erich Blunt in his upcoming series Murder in the First, and in a new interview he has revealed even more about his television debut, which premieres Monday, June 9.

Rather than follow a typical procedural crime drama format, Murder in the First will use its entire first season to explore the connection between two murders. The prime suspect in the investigation is Felton’s character Erich.

Tom has said of the project,

This is very different from anything I’ve done previously. Not just the very talented cast but the crew as well and what it takes to get nine or ten more pages done a day.

The first season will be comprised of ten episodes, and not even the actors were completely sure of where their characters were headed over the course of the season – or even who the guilty culprit is.

[The showrunners are] reluctant to tell us what happens in the future episodes, so we’re learning as we go. Each episode is about a new education of into the characters and the stories. It certainly went a different way than I was expecting, which makes it a little nerve-racking at first, but I find it exciting…. [the cast have] all speculated [about the murderer] and pointed fingers. We’ve been through every possible scenario, I think, so I’m sure one of us has to be right.

It definitely sounds like Murder in the First is going to be a must-watch show of the summer! Will you be tuning in?

Jessica J.

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