Fan Focus: Johanna – July 27, 2014


Age 16 –  United States

How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I became a Harry Potter fan through my sister. When I was in kindergarten she started to read the books and we would act out the scenes together, even though I had never read the books or even knew what I was doing. I don’t remember the first time I read a Harry Potter book, I just know they have been a part of my life for as long as I remember.

If you could have one prop from the set of the films, which would it be?

If I could have one prop from the set of the films it would definitely be the Snitch. To me it is a representation of the happy times at Hogwarts, when Harry truly feels at home, and in turn makes every fan feel at home. It also just looks really cool…

What Potter fandom memory would you keep in your Pensieve?

I would keep the feeling of tired excitement of waiting for a midnight premiere or standing in line waiting for the next book. I want to remember how it felt to not know the ending yet, and knowing I was close to going back to Hogwarts and the Wizarding World.

Describe what being part of the Harry Potter fandom has meant to you in 7 words or less.

It’s where I can always come home.