Miriam Margolyes becomes patron of Trinity Community Arts

Miriam Margolyes, who portrayed Pomona Sprout in the Harry Potter films, has become a patron of the Trinity Community Arts following a recent visit to the Trinity Centre.

The mission of Trinity is to provide access to arts and culture for all people in Bristol. Margolyes has said of the center:

It’s a privilege to be invited to be a patron of the Trinity Centre. These days, the arts have to fight for their place in our society, and I saw when I visited Trinity that it is [..] committed to [not only] encouraging and fostering the arts in Bristol but also to ensur[ing that] young people from diverse backgrounds experience all aspects of art and enable them to realise their dreams. And the Trinity Centre building is a delight – the theatre space is one I look forward to inhabiting.”

Emma Harvey, manager of Trinity, is equally excited for Miriam to be a part of their community.

It was fantastic to meet Miriam and see such genuine enthusiasm for our activities. Working with Miriam will help to raise the profile of theatre created at a community level and support the development of talented young actors. We are incredibly grateful for her support.

It’s always wonderful to hear of our favorite Potter stars participating in charity efforts! You can read the original article here.

Jessica J.

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