Harry Potter fans flummoxed over origins of Albert Runcorn name

By Oliver Clay | Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News

HARRY Potter fans remain flummoxed over the origins of a character name that links Halton to one of the biggest story franchises in history.

Albert Runcorn appears in series finale The Deathly Hallows and is a civil servant with the Ministry Of Magic who uncovers wizards whose parents have no magical ability – ‘muggles’ as they are described.

Scottish actor David O’Hara portrays him in the film adaptation.

The Harry Potter Wikia website notes that the name Albert derives form the Germanic word meaning noble and bright, adding that Runcorn is a town and cargo port.

Kat Miller, of fan site MuggleNet, said she and others have struggled to figure out whether there is any intended link, but that they had speculated on the Runcorn’s link to Saxon princess Aethefleda and her father Alfred, the town’s industrial past, and its name of Rumcofen, meaning cove, during ancient times.

She conceded these theories appeared to be clutching at straws.

She said: “JK Rowling has never commented on Runcorn before, so we have absolutely no information on him!”