Shooting Survivor Cassidy Stay Quotes Dumbledore at Memorial

On July 9, 15-year-old Texas native Cassidy Stay witnessed the unthinkable – her uncle murdering both of her parents and four siblings. A bullet grazed Stay’s head, and she played dead until her uncle was out of the house, at which point she contacted the police, saving her grandparents from the same fate. On July 12, Cassidy spoke at a public memorial for her family, showing a remarkable resilience that has inspired people around the world. As she spoke tearfully about her family, Stay quoted Dumbledore:

I really like ‘Harry Potter’. In ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’, Dumbledore says, ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.’ I know that my mom, dad, Bryan, Emily, Becca, and Zach are in a much better place and that I’ll be able to see them again one day. Thank you all for coming and for showing support for me and my family. Stay strong.

Her unbelievable strength of spirit has rallied people to Cassidy’s mantra of “Stay Strong,” honoring her bravery. A group of strangers has started a GoFundMe to benefit the teenager, which has raised over $300,000 so far.

We can’t even imagine the pain Cassidy is experiencing right now, and we can’t help but admire her Gryffindor spirit. Our most heartfelt condolences to Cassidy, her grandparents, and the rest of her family.

Jessica J.

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