Fan Focus: Robert – August 18, 2014


Age 14 – New Brunswick, Canada

How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

My family of six has always been heavily involved with the books and movies since I was 3 or so, but I never read the books or watched the movies until the age of seven, when I watched the first movie and tried to read the first book. I found I had a lot of trouble reading it, because I was a pretty underdeveloped reader for my age, so I put Harry Potter out of my mind until grade 5, when my best friend made me read them and I immediately fell in love, and I’ve read them twice every year since.

What was your reaction to the news about Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them?

Well, I was in my Social Studies class, so I couldn’t really scream and freak out like I knew I would, so I just looked at my best friend sitting next to me, with my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide, mouthing the screams I was wishing I could scream…. And then he looked over at what I was looking at and laughed so loudly, my teacher took my phone away.

If you could have one prop from the set of the films, which would it be?

I’ll probably think of one I’d want more in an hour or so, but I think a very cool prop to have would be a working invisibility cloak, so I could sneak up on people and scare them.

What would your patronus be and why?

I like to think that my patronus would be an eagle, because I’m very passionate about my house, Ravenclaw, but it could also be a dog, because I have four of them and I love them all so much.