Fan Art of the Week: Tattoo sleeve

This week we have another tattoo sleeve that may be the most creative we have seen yet. Caitlin submitted to us her tattoo sleeve that is split into two halves. The top half includes classic Harry Potter imagery such as the Hogwarts Castle, the Patronus Charm, and Death from “The Tale of the Three Brothers. On the bottom half is one of Caitlin’s own Harry Potter fan fiction characters.

Caitlin Tattoo

Staff member’s notes: The detail created by the deep shadows and light highlights has led to a truly intricate piece. The inclusion of multiple elements from the series creates a dynamic tattoo that is pure eye candy. Plus, the character Caitlin created fits in well with the rest of the style of her tattoo.

If you like Harry Potter tattoo art we have even more on our “Fan Art” page. Don’t forget to check out the rules on the page as to how to submit your own Potter-inspired pieces as well.