Fan Focus: Kara – September 14, 2014


Age 23 – Maryland, USA


How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I became a Harry Potter fan in Fourth grade when my teacher began reading us the series. About half way [sic] through the first book, I was hooked and I began reading ahead of the rest of the class. When I reached book 4 (the last one out at the time) I read the books over again until the class caught up with me. Since then, I have joined several fan and RPG forums, met some of my best friends, and become completely and totally infatuated with the books, films, and fandom in general.

What Potter fandom memory would you keep in your Pensieve?

The release of the final book, Deathly Hallows. I met my boyfriend for the first time in person at the midnightrelease. We met online on a Harry Potter forum when I was just 13 years old.  I was 16 when the last book released. We dated for a year at the time, then separated for a few years, but we have been together again for almost 3 years now. He is my best friend and without the Harry Potter books, I never would have met him. I always replay the night of the final book release over in my head, it was probably the most exciting moment of my life.

What would your patronus be and why?

I have to pick a very family-oriented animal, because I place the most value on family and close friends and I become defensive of the people I love. I guess I could also say a gorilla. I was going to say an elephant but that seems a bit large for a patronus. But gorillas are kind, loyal and loving creatures that will do anything to protect their family.

Describe what being part of the Harry Potter fandom has meant to you in 7 words or less.

Truly understanding love and friendship’s importance.