Fan Focus: Mehreen – September 7, 2014

A Fan of the Week photo of Mehreen

20-year-old Slytherin Mehreen from Scotland


How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I was 7 years old and I’d heard about this Harry Potter film coming out.  For my birthday I got the first 3 books from my parents . Within the first chapter of the first book my hometown was mentioned on page 10, and I was like OMG!!! The author knows my town – I knew then I was hooked for life. I’ve collected wands, calendars, books, and even stopped by at Kings cross station. It’s been the best years of my life and I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

What Potter fandom memory would you keep in your Pensieve?

This was probably when I went to the WB Harry Potter studio tour in London for my 18th Birthday. It was MAGICAL!!! It was so weird, I actually stepped right into the movies. Got to see all the props, sets and costumes and even though they were revealing the movie tricks as it were, it never looked more real. From the moving staircases to the Knightbus and to the actual Hogwarts model. Even tasting Butterbeer for the first time! It felt like being a kid again when I watched Harry Potter for the first time, stepping into the virtual reality of Hogwarts.  It was just such an amazing experience I will cherish it always and look back on it in my pensieve.

If you could have one prop from the set of the films, which would it be?

I’d really love all of them but the one I’d love to have would be the Marauders Map. I love maps and I’m always up to no good, so it’s perfect!

Describe what being part of the Harry Potter fandom has meant to you in 7 words or less.

A place where I can be myself!