Ravenclaw wins sixth Pottermore House Cup!

Congratulations, Ravenclaw, on winning the sixth Pottermore House Cup!

This marks the second House Cup victory in a row for Ravenclaw, who also claimed the fifth Pottermore House Cup back in March! Ravenclaw is the first house to claim two consecutive victories – the other houses will have to work extra hard when the next House Cup comes up to make sure those shrewd Ravenclaws don’t claim a third win!

According to the Pottermore Insider,

It was a close competition, and all four houses deserve recognition for their excellent efforts! Hufflepuff took the lead for much of the championship, but Ravenclaw snuck ahead of Gryffindor into second place just before the house points were concealed in the Great Hall on Saturday, September 20. The eagles’ triumphs earned them 1,192,309 points in the last six days of the championship, allowing them to soar to victory with a final total of 32,279,991 points.

The final point tallies are:

  • Ravenclaw – 32,371,299
  • Gryffindor – 32,279,991
  • Hufflepuff – 32,259,036
  • Slytherin – 31,926,625

Ravenclaw colors are now on display in Pottermore’s Great Hall, so be sure to head on over to bask in your victory!

Jessica J.

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