CC #393: Week of September 21, 2014

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Seamus: ‘Whoops! I think I set her head on fire! Oh, wait. That’s her hair. Never mind…’

Ginny had lost at ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors,’ and therefore had to cross the rickety old bridge first.

Ginny: I have a cunning plan.
Seamus: Is it as cunning as a fox who just graduated from…
Ginny: No. This isn’t Blackadder.

Ginny: Where does this bridge lead?
Cho: To the Forbidden Forest.
Ginny: But we’re not allowed to go into the forest.
Cho: Nice to have a bridge, though.

Seamus: Why don’t you have to wear a uniform?
Ginny: Because I’m a main character.
Seamus: Oh, right.

A popular Hogwarts prank: telling first years there’s a spell on the bridge, and if they step on a crack, it will literally break their mother’s back.

Despite Ginny’s amazing strut, Hogwarts Next Top Model never caught on.

Seamus: Come on, Ginny, attack them! What are you waiting for?
Ginny: Is Harry watching?

Guy on Right: ‘Am I Michael Cera?’

Announcer: ‘Welcome back to the Annual Hogwarts Fashion Show! The last in our Muggle Clothes Category is Ginny Weasley, wearing a lovely cardigan and jeans. Next we have the School Robes Category. Not much variation here, but notice the satchel placement! Cho Chang has the right idea – across the tummy is the way to go this year!’

‘You all got my back, if something goes down, right?’

Ginny: Guys, what is that?
Seamus: *Excited* More importantly… does it explode?!
-Olivia W.

Voldemort: ‘I have a toad here who claims he’s Harry Potter. Anyone willing to kiss him, please step forward.’

Ginny: You’re all babies! I’ll go first and prove it’s safe!
*Ginny takes one step forward and the entire bridge collapses.*





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