100 Days to Expo Patronum – A “Potter” Convention Like No Other!

Can you believe it?! There are only 100 days to go until Expo Patronum! In celebration of this landmark, we wanted to share some more information about what will be going on the day of the convention. Here at MuggleNet, we’ve said often enough that it’s going to be a Harry Potter convention like no other, but what do we mean by that? Read on to discover the details that are going to make MuggleNet’s first-ever live event one you won’t soon forget.

As you may already know, attendees choose either Track A or Track B when they register. Both tracks will have access to the same panels and autographing sessions, but their schedules will be different throughout the day. Check it out:



For those of you who have attended big conventions in the past, this type of schedule may be a bit confusing for you, but we chose it for one important reason: This is the best way for all our attendees to get the most out of Expo Patronum. I love going to conventions – and believe me, I’ve been to a lot of them – but each time I go, my excitement is slightly dampened by anxiety about whether or not I’ll get to experience everything I want to.

At a big convention, if you want to see a top-billed guest, you usually have to go straight to their assigned room first thing in the morning – forget about doing anything else for the rest of the day. And then there are the epic lines to get that one autograph. At MuggleNet, we knew we didn’t want our convention to be like that, so we chose a track system, which guarantees that every attendee will have access to every panel, and everyone is guaranteed the opportunity to get autographs from our special guests – at no additional charge. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the schedule released above!



Hopefully, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Both tracks will get to see the same panels; they’ll just take place at different times of day!



Each group in the schedule above represents a celebrity or celebrities who will be appearing together throughout the day. So Group A could be comprised of Jessie Cave, Chris Rankin, and Anna Shaffer; Group B might be Warwick Davis, Afshan Azad, and Harry Melling; and so on and so forth. Of course, we are still adding guests, so none of these groups are finalized as of yet – we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they are!



Each track will have four autograph sessions throughout the day – each one featuring a different group – and every attendee will receive a ticket to one of these sessions in their registration bags. Ticket distribution will be completely randomized, but you are free to trade with other attendees within your track (and if you just can’t live without the autograph of every single guest at Expo Patronum, keep your eye on the site!).


Photo Booth

We’ve already told you a lot about our charity photo booth, and it’s one of the aspects of the convention we’re most excited for! World-renowned photographer Erik Meijer and his team will be on-site on April 18 to capture the magic of Expo Patronum – including YOU, our guests, getting your photo taken with Potter stars. Each photo opportunity will cost £10, and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. We at MuggleNet feel that charitable giving is a huge part of what makes the Potter fandom so special, and that’s part of the spirit we want to celebrate at Expo Patronum. We’d like to think Jo would be proud.



But now you may ask, how will you spend your time when you aren’t in an autograph session or if you choose not to partake in the photo booth sessions? Well, that, my fellow Potterheads, is where the “Expo” part of “Expo Patronum” comes in! Rather than a retail space, MuggleNet Live! will have an exhibition area featuring notable members from the Potter community. As you can see from the agenda, certain scheduled events will take place at the Expo throughout the day, but the Expo space will be open all day for you to wander and visit booths. We’re looking forward to announcing just what exactly the Expo will feature soon!


Of course, the schedule we’ve shared here isn’t set in stone – times and groups may move around a little – but this is the basic outline of what you can expect at MuggleNet Live!, and what we’ve revealed here today is just the tip of the iceberg! Expo Patronum is going to be an incredible and unforgettable event, and we want to share it with as many of you as possible. You can check out ticket information here – and stay tuned for more announcements!


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