Fan Art of the Week: “Deathly Hallows” characters

Good vs. evil is a classic theme in literature. The Harry Potter series has had its fill of truly evil characters in Bellatrix, obviously, as well as honorable characters (cheers to Hermione). One of our fans, Caroline, submitted to us a Deathly Hallows pencil and crayon drawing that represents the two sides of the Battle of Hogwarts. The six characters face off against each other within the Deathly Hallows symbol to create a symmetrical division between the two sides.



Staff member’s notes: My personal favorite aspect of this drawing is the middle with Harry and Voldemort; their faces perfectly capture the tension of their final face off. The colors along the outside of the characters draw your eye inward to accentuate them and their importance. The Deathly Hallows frame also gives a helpful visual clue as to what the piece regards.

What do you like about Caroline’s fan art piece? Tell us down below. Head on over to our “Fan Art” section to take a look at all of the other creations we have featured in the past.

Victoria Velasco

I was first introduced to the Boy Wizard in 1999 through my aunt and fell in love with the stories when I started reading them in 2005. As a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies, I'm a hard-working creative who loves Graphic Design, Landscape Photography, Doctor Who, and Disneyland.