Expo Patronum, the Mugglenet Live 2015 Convention Interviews

By Colin Hart | HeyUGuys

On Saturday a HeyUGuys crew of Alice Alexander and myself were invited to attend Expo Patronum, the physical incarnation of Mugglenet Live, for their first ever convention at London’s Excel Centre.

Whilst some conventions are massive, sprawling affairs with seething masses jostling for space Expo Patronum was an intimate gathering with an almost family feel to it, albeit a very welcoming and excited family… almost Weasley-esque it could be said.

This was a massive deal for both them as since they began in 1999 they have grown to be a formidable online entity. Attendees and helpers seemed to have come from across Europe and the US to help make this event as memorable as possible and it was superb to see such an event take place.

As with many other conventions the day consisted of a variety of panel sessions with various cast and crew but then it finished with practical Quidditch and wand work sessions in the late afternoon. through the day we were fortunate to be given time with the various special guests who were present.

Below are the interviews from our sessions with the various panel members feilding such questions as:

  • What do the actors think about having a Marauders TV series based around the exploits of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs?
  • Whose favourite memory was Ralph Fiennes struggling to keep his balance on a trail of fake blood in Malfoy Mansion?
  • Which Harry Potter actress when talking about bad boys suggested the best option was “a Gryffindor in the streets, a Slytherin in the sheets”?

Anna Shaffer, Afshan Azad, Georgina Leonidas, Jessie Cave & Natalia Tena

Robbie Jarvis, Nick Shirm, Harry Melling & Chris Rankin

Jon Campling and Nick Moran

Gary Tomkins, Eduardo Lima & Miraphora Mina

It was a great event, we’re certainly looking forward to the next one.

Interviews: Colin Hart
Video: Alice Alexander