Here Are the First Pictures from the Liverpool Set of “Fantastic Beasts”!

UPDATE 3: More pictures have emerged, this time of extras heading to set, wearing coats over their dresses and their hair covered up! Although we can’t see much, this is the first close-up glimpse of anyone involved in the film. It certainly seems to confirm that some sort of formal event is being filmed. Plus, there’s a close-up of one of the cars.

UPDATE 2: The Liverpool Echo has also uploaded several pictures of the snow being laid out on the steps of St. George’s, as well as the American 1920s cars arriving – including a closer glimpse at some of the cars and their US licence plates!


UPDATE: Italian Harry Potter fansite Portus also visited Liverpool to get a look at the Fantastic Beasts set and noticed a few more exciting things!

It looks like filming may be next slated to start at the Cunard Building, another majestic Liverpool structure. Here’s a shot of the filming notice and of the façade of the Cunard Building:

AND they noticed snow being scattered on the steps of St. George’s – as well as some 1920s-era cars being brought in!

We’d love to see more pictures of the set, so if you happen to be in Liverpool, let us know if you see anything!

Original Article:

Last week, we learned that Pottermore just might be visiting the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and providing reports about what they see, but while we’re waiting for that information to surface, we’ve got something almost as exciting – pictures from the filming of Fantastic Beasts that is currently underway in Liverpool!

Twitter user Stacie visited Liverpool yesterday, and while the set of Fantastic Beasts is understandably very top secret, she was able to get a few pictures of filming!

Even seeing the filming notices around town must have been exciting!

Fantastic Beasts Liverpool Filming_01

But of course, what fans really want is a glimpse of the action – and a few clues as to what the script of Fantastic Beasts could contain! The filming in question is taking place at St. George’s Hall, an impressive building in the center of Liverpool that contains concert halls and law courts. Stacie noted that security and fences were placed all around the Hall, but she was able to glimpse actors and actresses standing around with blue robes covering their costumes (it seems WB has thought of everything to keep us from finding out what exactly they’re filming!):

Although it was hard to make out exactly what was happening, Stacie did pick up some clues about what she might be seeing:

We saw a lot of crew members, particularly costume and makeup, running in and out of the building. We did see some cast (didn’t recognise them), but for obvious reasons, they were wearing long blue overcoats over their costumes. The way their hair was styled suggested a formal event. And after seeing an actor come out of the main doors dressed in a formal wizard suit/dress and a couple of actresses in ball gowns,  we knew they were filming some kind of ball or occasion (a wedding, maybe?).


And she noticed that some of the windows were blacked out, meaning that something interesting was DEFINITELY happening inside!


For reference, here are a few shots of St. George’s interior – it’s truly a striking building. We definitely think Stacie is on the right track – perhaps a courtroom scene? A formal event like a ball or wedding? St. George’s would be a beautiful place for it.

So – what do you guys think? What does it all MEAN? Let the Fantastic Beasts speculation begin!

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