CC #396: Week of December 15, 2015

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And so, the idea for a door was invented.

‘That’s the last time I buy a joke from Fred and George’s shop…’

‘Honey… did you leave the stove on?’

‘Note to self… never sneeze with your wand in your hand…’

‘It’s Levi-OH-sa, not levio-SAH!’

Even in adulthood, Seamus Finnigan still tended to blow things up.

New York, One bedroom flat with ‘great view.’ $1200/month.
-Seth L.

‘Housekeeping? …I’ll come back later.’

‘Darn kids! I was only gone a minute!’

‘But… the suitcase was so small…’

‘I can’t believe I paid money for this apartment.’

Valjean, at last,
We see each other plain,
Monsier le Maire,
You’ll wear a different chain.

-Patrick C.

Guy: (to Newt) ‘So, you say you have no idea how that giant hole in your wall was created? …Must have been the mice, then.’
-Margo D.





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