Alumni Roundup: The “Potter” Cast Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s our first Alumni Roundup of 2016! We’re here to see what the Potter alumni have been up to this week – or at least, what they have shown us through the delights of social.

First up, Bonnie was hard at work on her latest directorial project.

That’s my set ? day two of shooting Medusa’s Ankles!

A photo posted by Bonnie Wright (@thisisbwright) on

Matt took some time out to crash someone else’s set…

Jessie revealed some behind-the-scenes snaps for two upcoming projects.

Gary Oldman presented David Heyman with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

As for the trio, Dan is hot on the festival circuit with Swiss Army Man.

Rupert promotes Moonwalkers.

And Emma charges on with HeForShe.

Back in the real world, congrats to Ellie for finishing her finals!

The alumni love is as strong as ever.

But what’s up next for the Potter alumni?

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That’s all for this fortnight’s look at the Potter alumni’s antics. Check back next time for more, but in the meantime, why not follow our Harry Potter Cast & Crew Twitter list?