“SpeakBeasty” Episode 4: “Newt & His Flying Coat”

Join hosts Aaron, Ariel, and Shannen – and new host Claire – for Episode 4 of SpeakBeasty, MuggleNet’s Fantastic Beasts podcast! On this episode, we discuss out-of-this-world production design details, the possibility of a Dumbledore appearance in the films, and what may be our most terrifying “Newt Case” creature yet!

EPISODE 4: Newt & His Flying Coat

This week on SpeakBeasty:

→ Host Claire joins us, all the way from London!
→ Fantastic Coats and How to Design Them.
→ Matt Lewis says, “The world of Harry Potter is safe with Eddie.”
→ Are the Second Salemers ruining purple?
→ We love Hagrid. (Even if he is breaking the law.)
→ Why is Jo obsessed with Nessie?
→ Shannen shares why Magizoology matters!
→ “The Time-Turner”: Just call him Albie…
→ Buddy Cop Movie with Dumbledore and Newt?
→ “The Newt Case”: The Hide Behind will haunt your dreams…
→ Adorable death by evil Pygmy Puffs!

The team would also like for listeners to note that this episode was recorded prior to this weekend’s exciting Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando because three of our hosts and one of our producers are THERE for the event! So if you’re looking for in-depth discussion of the exciting new footage released, the reveal of Ilvermorny, and more, be sure to look out for Episode 5 on Valentine’s Day!

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