Product Review: Running Press Collectible Quidditch Set

We posted about this gorgeous new collectible Quidditch Set from Running Press back in January, and it’s finally available in stores, should you choose to add one to your collection!

We took a look at one IRL so that we could let you know what we think of the final product – and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed! The box itself is just as lovely in person as in its pictures. Though it’s not made out of real wood, but rather a thick, reinforced cardboard-type material, this chest is made to last. It seems very sturdy, and unlikely to wear out from use. It looks almost like a prop right out of the films and should fit perfectly on the edge of a bookshelf. The only way the box could be improved upon would be if the outside hinges and lock were made of real metal, like the hinges on the inside.

Once you open it up, it’s almost as if you’re standing with Oliver Wood on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch: Everything looks picture perfect. The Snitch, stuck into the top lid of the trunk, is wingless (since it doesn’t come out of its position) and made of hard plastic. The Quaffle and Bludgers are situated in their own compartments and made of some kind of durable ceramic – they’d probably break if you dropped them on a hard surface, but they are sturdy enough for easy handling or posing.

The only real downside I note are that the Hogwarts crest painted on the Quaffle seems to have a tendency to rub off easily, so be careful when handling – mine was half gone before I noticed what was happening! All three pieces can be a little tricky to remove from their packaging at first, but after you’ve done it the first time, they can be moved in and out with ease.

With a little bit of finagling, you can lift the holding compartment up out of the box to reveal the poster folded underneath. It’s nice enough, but since it comes folded and doesn’t feature any new artwork or images, we expect that many collectors will leave it folded away beneath their new Quidditch supplies.

Here are a few photos of the actual product:

All in all, this is a very cute set that we anticipate will be on many of your Christmas lists next year – if you can stop yourself from buying one before then!

Jessica J.

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