“SpeakBeasty” Bonus Episode: “O, Norris! My Norris!”

Greetings, listeners! *hem hem* This is your High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, here to announce that per Educational Decree Number 24, all student organizations, societies, teams, groups, and clubs, are henceforth disbanded, including all MuggleNet podcasts. However, I am pleased to bring you this new, Ministry-approved episode of SpeakBeasty, featuring a moving piece of prose by Argus Filch about one of nature’s most fantastic beasts, the cat.

Bonus Episode: “O, Norris! My Norris!”

(Special thanks to SpeakBeasty guest host Michael Harle for lending his voice and our editor, Igor Moretto, for writing “O, Norris! My Norris!“)


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