This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love with a New Character!

February 14 is here again, and we have just the recommendation for how you should spend it. Today is the day that our friends over at CharacTour have launched their brand new social network dedicated to matching users with new characters from books, film, or television! “Because who needs a Valentine when you have fictional characters to love – who’ll never disappoint you or hog the covers?”

CharacTour is the first character-focused social network for entertainment fans, and it is seriously cool. Their unique character matching algorithm uses complex science to introduce fans to new possibilities for excitement with literature. Their user survey, which you fill out upon visiting their site, takes into account 52 separate personality traits when matching you with characters you will love. You can discover which characters you are most like, and even those that you are least like… for sometimes, opposites attract!

With the launch of its social network, CharacTour is pulling out all of the stops. You can now find fellow users, or “CharacTourists,” who are just like yourself and like the same things you do! You’ll even be able to compare yourself to your existing friend or crush! There is a brand new “Recommendations” section as well, which allows for easier matching between you and a book or show that you will love.

Now through March 14, CharacTour is hosting an exciting contest for users who try out their completely free service. Become a fan of the shows and books and characters you already like, and have your friends become fans of you! Post about what you love on the social network! And enjoy, for the first time, a network that bridges the gap between all fandoms. At CharacTour, #EveryonesACharacter!

For more information on CharacTour, visit our introductory post.

Eric S.

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