Giveaway: Win “The Wand Collection” from Insight Editions!

Back in September, we posted about The Wand Collection, a gorgeous full-color catalog of every wand made for the Harry Potter films – and now we have a chance for you to win a copy of your very own!

The Wand Collection, written by Monique Peterson, is a lovely book with dimensions suited to its contents – long and thin. The wands of well-loved characters like Hermione and Neville are of course included, but so are the wands of more minor characters like Katie Bell or Mundungus Fletcher. Each character’s wand gets a full two-page spread with information about the character and wand materials on the right and a close-up of the wand on the left, set out prominently against a black background. The black background actually makes the pages a little difficult to photograph, but trust us when we say that every spread is breathtaking.




The book also contains helpful introductory material about wandmakers – both real wizards like Ollivander and film wizards like the Warner Bros. prop experts – and the process of choosing wands.



All in all, this beautiful book allows fans a closer look at the gorgeous wand designs of the Potter films and for aficionados, is much more affordable and space-conscious than owning replicas of each wand!

Insight Editions will be sending a copy of this book to ten lucky MuggleNet readers. The contest runs from November 14 to November 28 at 5:00 p.m. PST and is open to residents of North America. Entering is easy – just visit this page and follow all the instructions. Good luck!

Jessica J.

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