Five Funniest “Fantastic Beasts” Moments

Both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film and the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer are filled with funny moments. Here are my top five.


The Niffler in the Jewelry Shop



The Niffler is one of the most troublesome creatures in the film, but that makes him all the more entertaining. First, we saw him misbehaving in the bank, which was followed by this even more captivating performance in the jewelry shop. His meager attempt at disguising himself as a statue combined with Eddie Redmayne’s face really makes this scene.


The Erumpent Mating Dance



I loved this moment in the films. Eddie’s performance is perfect. His confidence performing the ridiculous moves and awkward sounds makes it one of the funniest scenes in the film. I hope there will be more of these hilarious stunts in the coming films.


Jacob’s No-Maj Responses



Jacob is such an adorable and lovable character in the films. His Muggle reactions to the magic surrounding him perfectly reflect our own reactions. From his high-pitched squeal at Newt’s disappearance to his downing some gigglewater, Jacob really had some of the best lines in the movie.

My uncle’s a house-elf” (FBaWtFT).

‘Are you going somewhere?’
‘No, we’re going somewhere.’
‘Yes!’” (CoG)





Just like the Niffler, Pickett the Bowtruckle is also a mischievously funny creature. His expressions and reactions are so childlike, so I couldn’t help but be charmed by him.


Jacob’s Interactions with the Magical Creatures



Poor Jacob! He really didn’t have the gentlest entry into the magical world. Just after finding out magic exists, an Occamy egg practically hatches in his hand. Minutes after this, he witnesses the Niffler and his high jinks. However, this is only the beginning. It isn’t too long before Jacob gets chased by the Erumpent. His terrified reaction is so funny to watch.


What are your favorite comedic moments from the movie and trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Minal Daswani

I entered the wizarding world in 2006, and haven’t left. In my Muggle time, I enjoy reading, bingeing TV shows, baking, and travellng.