“SpeakBeasty” Episode 63: “We’ve NOT Updated Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”

Hosts Aureo and Lizzie G. are joined by a special returning guest from Alohomora!, Katy! Join us as we discuss the new Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay cover, 1920s travel, and Boo Hags.



This time on SpeakBeasty:

→The Megan and Michael curse is broken! There’s news on recording day!
→The results are in: Constantine Mjolnir is a better name for a polar bear. Also, Michael IS better than a Marvel movie.
→”The Phoenix Register”: New screenplay cover and casting news
→Pickett, Grindy’s professional lock picker
→MinaLima is once again brilliant.
→Traveling in the 1920s. Muggle vs. wizard vs. beast
→Planes, trains, and carpets, oh my!
→Igor sets the record straight.
→PSA: Don’t travel by dragon. Unless you want to get eaten.
→”The Newt Case”: The Boo Hag of the Carolinas

Podcast Question: What sort of traveling methods do you think we will see in the rest of the series?

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