HP Fan Tours Offers “Fantastic Beasts”-Themed New York City Extravaganza

HP Fan Tours, an organization known for creating unforgettable experiences for fans, is back this fall, offering a chance to experience the magical side of New York City.

Known for the Fantastical Tour – during which participants don’t just visit Harry Potter filming locations but also take part in an immersive wizarding adventure – HP Fan Tours is now offering fans the chance to celebrate the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in style.

The Fantastical Tour: NYC runs from November 15 to 17 (three days, two nights), during which fans will not only attend a VIP midnight screening of Crimes of Grindelwald and a guided tour of the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the New-York Historical Society but also visit a speakeasy, brew delectable potions, and visit iconic New York City locations that provided inspiration for the Fantastic Beasts films.



Here’s a more complete itinerary of the tour’s activities:

Thursday, November 15

• Discover our hidden speakeasy at the fantastical Trinity Place, for a 1920’s[-]themed [sic] reception with sodas, cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres [sic] and more!

• Get transported by magical private coach to a special hideaway for dinner, at Freeman’s- [sic] a location fit for any magic and [N]o-[M]aj folk alike- [sic] where you’ll relax, dine and visit with fellow witches and wizards while you prepare for your missions to prevail over the Dark Arts in NYC!

• Your own private VIP [m]ovie [s]howing of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in Times Square at midnight!

Friday, November 16

• Enjoy private Woolworth Building [t]ours along with wizarding activities at the hotel. The iconic Woolworth Building (MACUSA) gave J.K. Rowling the inspiration for the look and feel of Fantastic Beasts. It features Gothic architecture, which is synonymous with the magical world of Harry Potter. The stories and features at [t]he Woolworth are magical in and of themselves!

• Panoramic coach tour of NYC sites related to Fantastic Beasts and more!

• Enjoy time on your own in the evening to take in a show and explore the city…or take part in optional additional wizarding food/activities with us.

• Boil toil and trouble at [t]he Cauldron! A magical wizarding potion and cocktail experience unlike any other. Brew alcoholic concoctions (or non-alcoholic, for those of our guests traveling by brooms) at [t]he Cauldron‘s special pop-up location.



Saturday, November 17

• We’re taking over the Tenement Museum! Exclusive rental of Tenement Museum for our group to enjoy private interactive tours with docents and staff. Explore the sites that inspired and lay the groundwork for many of the interior sets in the newest films!

• Tenement [l]unch featuring foods from the Lower East Side that were popular in the 1920s- [sic] presented by HP Fan Tours, [t]he Tenement and their partners- [sic] and a speaker from the museum explaining the tie-in with the films.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic [e]xhibition at [t]he New[-]York Historical Society Museum after our lunch (early Saturday afternoon.) [sic] You’ll see the exhibition with private docent tours arranged for our group of the exhibition and you’ll have full access to the entire museum.

The tour includes complimentary breakfast each morning, as well as transportation to all activities. Tickets are 80% sold out, so don’t miss your chance to reserve your place today!

Press Release


In celebration of the release of “Fantastic Beasts: Curse of the Grindelwald, “ HP Fan Tours has created another magical tour - this time in New York- the city that inspired many of the gothic sets in Fantastic Beasts.

There are so many exciting things happening in NYC in November. From the release of the movie to the Exhibition of “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” - it seemed like the perfect time to put together a special “Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts” inspired weekend.

Fans start by gathering at their own secret 1920s speakeasy, then whisked away for a special wizarding dinner- followed by a private midnight screening of “Fantastic Beasts: Curse of the Grindelwald" at the Regal Theatres in Times Square.

What makes the tour so unique? HP Fan Tours are immersive tours- where guests will get to interact with characters- seek out “fantastical beasts” and battle against the Dark Arts over the course of the weekend.

Guests will then get exclusive tours of the gothic buildings that were the inspiration for the sets of Fantastic Beasts - including the Woolworth Building (the inspiration for MACUSA headquarters) and the Tenement Museum (which provided the inspiration for many of the homes seen in Fantastic Beasts.)

Among the other special activities, guests will get to brew their own magic drinks/concoctions in smoking cauldrons at a new the “Harry Potter” themed bar, The Cauldron, which is relocating from London for a special showing in NYC this fall.

The finale to the tour will be special private docents tours of the “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” exhibition which is being shown for a limited time at the NY Historical Society.

The tour will be Nov. 15-17, 2018 in New York City. For more information and to book tickets, visit www.hpfantours.com or call 1-855-MOVIE-FAN.

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