“SpeakBeasty” Episode 73: “I’m Gonna Take a Shower”

Laine, SpeakBeasty‘s fantastic social media manager, joins hosts Shannen and Aureo!



This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It’s our last episode before Crimes of Grindelwald comes out! (We did our waiting! Two years of it!)
→ We goin’ to Brazil?
→ Is this the beginnings of Credence gaining some control over the Obscurus?
→ We really want to like Seraphina, but like… come on, woman.
→ Classic Rowling, showing us that the world is not black and white.
→ And then Colin Farrell goes away. Insert sad face.
“Can you imagine if Grindelwald had a Twitter?”
“A flicker of memory…”
→ Does the fact that the story ends with Jacob have any ramifications for the greater storyline?
→ And now we’ll never talk about the first movie again.
→ Quick recap and outlining our favorite theories: WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN CoG?!

Podcast Question: Did you enjoy the breakdown, and what are you looking forward to seeing in FB: CoG?

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