CC #400: Week of July 28, 2019

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Harry: (in an old woman’s voice) “Mind the cyclist, dear.”

Harry and Ron: “Wow, look at Hogwarts!”
George: “This is the sixth time I’ve seen this.”

Ron: “Wait, you’re saying that when puberty hits, we’re gonna get hair all over our bodies, including…”
Harry: “Ewwwww! Ew, ew, ew!”
George: (muttering) “I’ll drive this Ford Anglia right into a hurricane, I swear to God…”

When you show up to work on Monday and see a line up out the door.

Harry: “Sorry, I forgot the aux cord, you guys…”

Thelma and Lou-Weasleys.

Ron: “Is that a traffic officer on a Firebolt?”

Fred, Ron, and Harry: “McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!”
George: (pulls into the drive-thru and buys a single black coffee)
—Don M.

“Anyone up for a Chinese Fire Drill?”

Harry: “Careful, George, don’t hit that deer in the middle of the road.”
Ron: “It has antlers… and it’s glowing and white…”
Harry: “Oh, son of a stag. We’re a movie early.”

Harry: “Can I borrow this car when we’re back at school?”
Ron: “What for?”
Harry: “I think this car will give me an advantage during Quidditch.”

George: “When we get back to the Burrow, we’ll have a great feast.”
Harry: “What’s on the menu?”
George: (mutters) “Hedwig Surprise.”
Harry: “What?”
George: “Porridge Surprise.”

Harry: “Yo, pass me the aux cord.”
Harry and the Potters starts playing.

When someone says they love Harry Potter, but they don’t know who Peeves is.





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