CC #402: Week of August 11, 2019

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When the doors to your favorite store open on Black Friday and you’re the first one to realize what’s happening.

“Red rover, red rover. Let Harry come over!”
—Timmy F.

Harry: “What are they doing with those fish and that tube?!”
—Samma J.

Neville: “Harry, what’s this strange thing? I found it on your bed.”
(Neville holds up a pair of woolen underwear made by Dobby.)
Harry: “Oh, darn, Neville!

Me and the boys when we see an escaping Chocolate Frog.

“I see it; I like it; I want it; I’m gonna get it.”

When Neville hit puberty.
—Ananya I.

When the new witch at Hogwarts walks into the room.

When you’re at the bowling alley, waiting for your ball to hit the pins. The suspense!
—Emily C.

While Ron is throwing up, everyone races to see who will clean it up with their broom.

And in the costume contest, Hermione wins for being the only one not dressed like a Quidditch player.
—Mister E

Draco: “Aren’t you going to help Weasley, Granger?”
Hermione: (pulls out Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) “No. I don’t start showing any signs of feelings for another three years.”

Fred: “Exactly what I was thinking, George, make a note of this one.”
—Danielle Z.





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