CC #403: Week of August 18, 2019

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“Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Wizarding leader and savior, Gellert Grindelwald?”
-Anne S.

When you have to talk to your hairdresser’s manager and try not to cry when you see your new haircut.

When you try to explain something Harry Potter-related to your Muggle friend.

Graves: “Credence, we need to find the obscure reel.”
Credence: “You mean, the Obscurial?”

“Credence, we need to talk about Kevin.”

“So, are Tom Felton and Emma Watson dating or not?!”
—Nicole R.

Graves: “Your sister is in Graves danger, Credence.”
Credence: “Do you mean grave?”
—Lauren B.

“Pick your own Hide-and-seek spot, I was here first!”
—Michael W.

“We’re steampunk goths first and foremost, Credence. Never forget that.”
—Ben R.

When you lie to your hairdresser after they ask you if you cut it yourself.
—Alicia M.

…still a better love story than Twilight.
—Guacamole Bandit

—Michaela B.

Graves: “The Obscurial will be alone, different from others, terrified…”
Credence: (Is alone, different from others, and terrified)

Let your smile be the Expecto Patronum to all your worries.
—Siya K.






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