“Beyond the Veil” Episode 26: “The Failures of the Hogwarts Professors and How We Can Do Better”

Harry Potter has been a part of our world long enough that many who first read it as children are now adults. On this episode, Haley Futch shares the way the Potter series helped her during her school years and how it continues to help her as a teacher. You can listen to this episode down below or on our podcast page.



On Episode 26, we discuss…

→ Finding Potter friends: online and offline

→ Fan fiction as a source of hope, healing, inspiration, and realizing that you deserve better

→ Lessons from Lily in relationships

→ Draco Malfoy the healer

Potter podcasts and audiobooks for the few free hours of a graduate student with a job

→ Learning from the failures of Harry’s teachers

→ The responsibilities of teachers going beyond the content they teach

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Madison Ford

I’m a native Texan currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our feisty dog Ellie. I’m a poet, a reader, and I host and produce MuggleNet’s mental health Harry Potter podcast, Beyond the Veil. I love rock climbing, hiking, and searching for seashells on Oregon beaches.