CC #409: Week of October 20, 2019

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“George, exactly how long do these Fainting Fancies knock you out for?”
—Tracy K.

“Ughhhhh, well… Hermione did warn us…”

“We really need to stop eating our own products.”

Me and my bestie posing for pics even when we’re old.
—Isabella S.

When AARP sends that first letter, but you don’t think you’re that old yet.
—Scott S.

At a high school reunion, when someone from your graduating class walks in and looks 20 years younger than you.
—Ellora K.

They say the camera adds 60 years…

Rare photo of Statler and Waldorf taken outside of their usual balcony seats.
—Brian F.

The Weasley twins were in fact held back several decades due to repeated failure of exams and general mischief.
—Kris Liu

“So, do we get a seniors’ discount for the next Fantastic Beasts movie?”

It’s coming… No-Shave November.
—Greg S.

When you see freshmen.
—Liberated Slytherin

Waiting for the Harry Potter encyclopedia like…

“Wait a minute, George. You’re telling me you built a time machine… out of a Nimbus 2000?
—Tree C.

Waiting for my Hogwarts letter like…
—Tiffany S.

“Welcome to mall Santa training. We’ll be your instructors this week.”





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