“Beyond the Veil” Episode 40: “The Benefits of Being Unapologetically Weird with Nanea Hoffman of Sweatpants & Coffee”

Compassion and positive self-talk are valuable tools for everyone, especially folks who struggle with anxiety. In today’s episode, Nanea Hoffman, the founder of Sweatpants & Coffee, shares wisdom from her own mental health journey, the many ways Harry Potter has brought magic into her life, and lots of information on The Anxiety Blob Comfort & Encouragement Guide.

The Anxiety Blob Comfort and Encouragement Journal is available for preorder, and you can purchase The Anxiety Blob Comfort & Encouragement Guide at newsstands across the country, including Bartells, Brookshire Brothers, Brookshire Grocery, Dollar General, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, HEB, Ingles, Kroger, Lowes, Meijer, Publix, Roundy’s, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and others. You can also purchase the guide online.



On Episode 40, we discuss…

→ Finding the Potter fandom before the books

→ Sweatpants & Coffee: introverts seeking connection through the things that bring us joy

→ The Potter community providing inspiration for creativity

→ Anxiety: a vaguely worried potato we must learn to make peace with

→ The magic of Potter: from Dementors to chocolate to Thestrals

→ The value of digital relationships for folks with mental and physical health issues

→ Mental health journaling without pressure: The Anxiety Blob Comfort and Encouragement Journal

The Anxiety Blob Comfort & Encouragement Guide: accessible, compassionate mental health support on newsstands across the country

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Madison Ford

I’m a native Texan currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our feisty dog Ellie. I’m a poet, a reader, and I host and produce MuggleNet’s mental health Harry Potter podcast, Beyond the Veil. I love rock climbing, hiking, and searching for seashells on Oregon beaches.