CC #419: Week of April 19, 2020

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When your little brother steps up to defend you against the school bully.

Dobby: (film version, stops Lucius’s A.K. curse)
Harry: I wish my mom and dad had a house-elf…

Lucius: “Ah, Potter, this is my elf, Sarah Jessica Parker.”
—Mr. E.

“Please don’t cut the funding to the theater department, Sir! Dobby has agreed to be E.T. and we’ve already enchanted a bicycle to fly…”
—Claire S.

Dobby: “Dobby is sick of Master! Sick, I say! Master hurt Harry Potter… Dobby is to take care of Harry Potter!”

Dobby: “Ma… ma ma… master.”
—Max C.

Mr. Malfoy: (shoves book at Dobby)
Dobby: “A SLIMY SOCK!”
Mr. Malfoy: “NO!”
Harry: “lol”
Dobby: (bonds break off) “I’m going to Disneyland with my friend the Genie DOBBY IS FREE!!!”
—Mary F.

Harry: “Six feet! Six feet!”
Lucius: “I am above such petty things as diseases.” (cough cough)
—D. Lestrange

Harry: “Mr. Malfoy, if Legolas is supposed to be an elf, how come he looks just like you and nothing like Dobby?”

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dobby: “You will not harm Harry Potter! You may hug him, pat him on the back, fist bump him, dab, do a floss dance…”

“Hey! Where are those stimulus checks you promised us?”






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