CC #423: Week of June 14, 2020

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Sirius: “…and that’s how Jan van Eyck ended up designing our wallpaper!”

Sirius: “Harry, let me teach you how to do the foxtrot.”
—Apurva G.

Sirius: “I don’t know why you’re so surprised, Harry. You knew I was related to lots of Dark wizards.”
Harry: “Still, I think I should be excused for having not expected to find Sauron on your family tree.”

Sirius’s gothic mid-century home needs a major makeover, but what happens when new fireplaces break the budget and portraits won’t come off the wall? Coming up next, on Property Brothers.
—Ava C.

Sirius: “Harry, if I ever accidentally call you James, I will die on the spot.”

“I’m thinking of turning this into the rec room. Pool table right in the middle. Darts. Instead of a dartboard, we aim for my ancestors’ faces.”

Harry: “So, I’m heading back to Hogwarts now.”
Sirius: “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.”
Harry: (big grin)
Sirius: “And don’t do certain things that I WOULD do.”
Harry: “Darn!”

Sirius: “If you want to see what a man’s like, look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
Harry: “You treat Kreacher like sh**.”

“Now, Harry, if you truly want to nail the eclectic aristocratic look, try stubbing out your cigars on this tapestry here…”

Harry: “You know, I’ve now escaped from Pretoria.”
Sirius: “That’s good. Not as good as escaping from Azkaban, but good.”

Whenever your parent tried to explain to you that you didn’t need more Harry Potter stuff, but you still wanted it.
—I love Luna

Sirius: “And that’s how James and I got into the girls’ – oh, hello, Hermione. I didn’t see you there. Harry and I were just talking about… balloons.”

“Hey, Sirius, if everyone else’s face on this tapestry looks like a medieval caricature, why does Bellatrix’s look like a perfect depiction of Helena Bonham Carter?”
—Jennifer H.

Sirius: “And then you add a bit of incense to it, and then it will smell nice all day. Now onto what flowers you should give her.”
Hermione: “What are you guys talking about?”
Sirius: “Nothing. Guy talk.”
Harry: “Yeah. Quidditch and Dueling Club.”

Harry: “Does this house hold any happy memories for you?”
Sirius: “That depends. Does the time when I left it count?”

Sirius: “With great power comes great responsibility, Harry.”
Harry: “Thanks, Uncle Ben.”

Hermione stared in awe. It turned out Sirius Black could actually tame a CAPSLOCK-Harry. Throughout the land, he soon became known as the Harry whisperer.

Sirius: “Harry, this is a magic mirror that will allow us to FaceTime whenever we want.”
Harry: “Cool, gonna throw this in the trash.”

Sirius: “And remember that, in these trying times, it is vitally important that our stunt doubles don’t wander into the shot.”
Harry: “Stunt doubles?”
Sirius: “Yes. They get into the dangerous situations so we don’t have to. Like my double over there.”
Harry: “That’s just Hermione.”
Sirius: “And a fine stunt double she’ll make, once she’s trained up a bit. Eh, James?”
Harry: “It’s Harry.”
Sirius: “That’s what I said, Adrian.”
Harry: “Er… I think I have to get up early for something tomorrow. Good night, Sirius.”
Sirius: “Good night, Dan.”

Harry: “So, what did you do in the original Order?”
Sirius: “Oh, fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, and never running from a real fight.”
Harry: “Sirius, that’s the Sailor Moon theme song!”






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