CC #436: Week of December 13, 2020

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Hagrid: “Best-looking potato I’ve harvested in years!”

Hermione: “Ooh, that’s not allowed! I’m telling!”
—Hufflepuff Girl

Harry: “Hagrid, you laid an egg?”
Hagrid: “Of course not, ‘Arry. This is a dragon egg.”
Harry: “Sorry. I’m still new to the world of magic.”

If this was the size of the egg, Ron couldn’t wait to see how big the bacon would be!

Hermione: “What species is this?”
Hagrid: “Uh, it’s a velociraptor.”
(Camera zooms in on Hermione as dramatic music plays.)
Hermione: “You bred raptors?”

Ron: “Whoa, a dragon egg!”
Hagrid: “Nah, it’s just bread I left in the oven too long.”

Harry: “Wizards breed dragons…”
Ron: “Dragons destroy wizards…”
Hermione: “…Witches inherit the Earth.”

Hagrid: “I call it Ultimate Gobstones!”

Ron: “I must be getting better at Divination. I can actually see something in this crystal ball.”
Hermione: “That’s not a crystal ball, Ronald! That’s a dragon egg, and it’s hatching!”

Bertie Bott had, to mixed reception, expanded his wares from every-flavor beans to questionably colored melons.

Hagrid: “It sings sometimes, too.”
Ron: “Okay…”
—Hufflepuff Girl

Harry: “Hagrid, what is that?”
Ron: “Is that a Norwegian Ridgeback?! Those are really rare!”
Hermione: “But it can’t be! According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Norwegian Ridgebacks have black eggs! That one is gold!”
—Jack H.

Ron: (to the egg) “How you doin’?”
Hermione: “Why did I let him watch the Friends marathon?”

Ron: “This is a Norwegian Ridgeback egg. The Norwegian Ridgeback dragon…”
(20 hours later…)
Ron: “…and so the Norwegian Ridgeback is my favorite dragon.”

Hagrid: “I won it off a stranger I met down at the pub.”
Harry: “What’d this stranger look like?”
Hagrid: “Well, he looked a lot like Professor Quirrell, except that he wasn’t wearing a turban. Oh, and he had the face of Lord Voldemort on the back of his head. Funny folks you get in the Hog’s Head, huh?”

Ron: “Charlie says that if you touch it and it hatches, it means you’ll be the next dragon rider!”

Ron: “Hagrid, why does the egg have bite marks?”
Hagrid: “I thought it was chocolate.”

Even to a dragon hatching, Hermione will still bring a book.
—Katie G.

Harry: “I see Draco.”
Hermione: “Very good, Harry. Draco is indeed Latin for ‘dragon.'”
Hagrid: “Oh, dear.”

Ron: “Hagrid, this is one of the rarest Pokemon eggs you can find!”

Cadbury Cream Eggs are getting bigger and bigger every year.

Promotional image from the upcoming How to Train Your Dragon prequel.

Harry: “Uh, Hagrid, the point of Easter eggs is to make them HARD to find.”






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