CC #438: Week of January 10, 2021

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Narcissa: “I always knew you were intelligent, Snape, but I had no idea you lived in a library.”
Snape: “They aren’t real books.” (pushes the wall over)
David Yates: “CUT!”
—Sam the Slytherin

Narcissa: “Why do you have so many books? Are they for burning?”

Severus Snape proudly displays his book collection. One book, every edition in every language. He still awaits the sequel.

David Yates: “There’s a problem here, Helen?”
Helen McCrory: “Yes. My hair is a skunk.”
—Chase C.

Narcissa: “You’ve sure got a lot of books.”
Snape: “Just don’t tell Madam Pince that you saw them in here, or I’ll have to return them all. And I can tell you, there will be quite a fine.”

Snape: “Would you like me to do something about the eavesdropper in the doorway?”

David Yates: “Okay, we’re going to hide the fact that Helena is pregnant in this scene because it wouldn’t make sense for Bellatrix to be pregnant. After all, who would she be pregnant with? Voldemort’s daughter?”
Everyone: (laughs)

Alan Rickman: “David, I am going to close my eyes and count to three, and if by then you are still not out of this shot…”

Narcissa: “You must protect my son.”
Snape: “From the Dark Lord?”
Narcissa: “From the fangirls.”
Snape: “I wish I could help, but they’re after me, too.”

Moments later, a manticore burst into the room, sending glass shattering everywhere. Narcissa was the only one prepared.
—Rexanne G.

Narcissa: “Should we make the Unbreakable Vow in front of this random Muggle?”
Snape: “Sure, what’s he going to do? Make a film about it?”

David Yates: “How does he sleep standing up like that?”
Helen McCrory: “Alan has many talents…”

Narcissa: “What is that mysterious ticking noise?”
Snape: “Trust me, it’s better not to look for it.”






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